PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Software with eXcellent Performance - Residential

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Maintenance record tracking from tenant request for repair through technician completion as well as tracking maintenance trades and final costs chargeable to either the tenant or owner.
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Reports for maintenance personnel as well as tracking of repairs by unit. This monthly maintenance performance can be measured by trade.
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This is a tenant request for the maintenance personnel listing lock information and phone information to contact the tenant when enroute to complete the repair.
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Report of open maintenance requests with the number of days outstanding. (In this case, shows a lack of maintenance, the average days open should be between 3 and 10 for all work orders).
Tenant requests tracked by unit ID to keep the unit functional + free of L&I problems.
  • Maintenance Requests - includes key # and tenant phone #
  • Completed Work Orders - self addressed tenant or Owner charge
  • Open Work Orders - work outstanding
  • Closed Work Orders - work completed by unit